Greetings! My name is Michael Lombardi. Welcome to my site! This started as a letter to a friend that I lost track of for 30 years. His first question was "so, what have you been doing?" It turned out to be a long list.
Using the menu buttons on the left you can listen to my music, tour my home studio, check out the ATA story, about me, about Marge and Johnny, my collections, sign or view my guest registry, download old recordings, or send me files. It took quite a while to put this site together and I have a lot more scanning to do so check back often for more new old stuff.
I've gathered and digitized a lot of boxes of "stuff" I kept from the old days of ATA. All of the audio is in MP3 format. Tapes, records, and pictures date back to the middle / late 1960's local Detroit music scene, how I got started as a DJ in Ypsilanti Mi., and how ATA came to be. Michael Lombardi in the band
There's a jukebox full of old studio and live recordings of ATA bands playing at local high schools, halls, and outdoor events like the Battle of the Bands, Ford Field, and the Michigan State Fair. The Detroit crowd that went to ALSAC events, Dollars for Scholars, or LYI dances in the 60's and 70"s are going to recognize a lot of these people and bands!
All of the original studio tapes, after 40 years, had to be digitized in one pass because as they ran on the tape deck the magnetic coating turned to dust! I had to clean the heads every few minutes! You'll be able to tell the old recordings are lacking but if you were there you'll remember the music like it sounded back then.
Reach out, turn up, click on! Listen to my new music from Soulo and what I have recorded so far for Creation & Myth. Each piece has a page with my comments about how it was created, recorded, and which instruments I'm using. Feel free to Send Me Email and remember to sign my guest registry.
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