I have tried to nail down just what this album is about but there is no real theme overall. It's a little like my dad would have enjoyed. He liked Latin type major / minor changes in the music. My background is not in writing or playing this kind of music. Most of you know me as a Detroit funk playin', brown eyed soul trippin', SG pickin', Marshal crankin', long haired guitar player guy, so when I listen to these cuts I am surprised l at what I hear. Clicking on the buttons on the left will play a cut and each cut has my comments.

The studio was a room that I converted in my house. Since, I have built a new studio. It's ok but some of my equipment is pretty old. There is hum and some hiss. I will eventually get around to making it better. All it takes is money. The basic configuration of the studio is as follows: Size: 10' w (x) 14' d (x) 13' h. The Floor is Carpet. A Yamaha 1202 12 channel mixer (where most of the noise comes from). All of the instruments patch through this board to the digital recorder. The digital Recorder is a Dell 700 mz/256/13gb The recording software is N-Track Studio. The post mixer is an Intel P4 1.3g / 512 / 13gb. Post Mixer Software is N-Track The mic is a Sure SM- 57. I used a Sony Theatre playback Sound system.

As an old stage musician, I had a hard time convincing myself to use an electronic drum machine on these tracks. On the other hand I am not a drummer. I have drums but "playing with them" is a more accurate description than playing them. I found a program called Henry's Percussion Studio that was not a typical electronic auto drummer. You literally write percussion music in notation form using the application and then request the computer play it back as you wrote it. Writing drum music is new to me and can be complicated. It's an interesting exercise in understanding rhythms. I played with it a lot but ended up using it as a foot pedal or metronome to keep time while I added other percussion tracks. It has helped me develop rhythms that I could learn and play on the Conga, giro, and other percussion instruments for the tracks.

The piano that I use is a Yamaha PSR8000. It's got a lot of bells and whistles but even though I have had the keyboard for a while, I really do not know the full potential. I have used it to create piano, organ, string, and some percussion sounds. I chose this keyboard because it had the best sounding sampled instruments. It has a whole feature set of percussion instruments. The cymbal and drum parts part in Stroll down Boynton Beach is played by hitting keys on the piano. There are some other special effects that I used like the thunder and rain that are played as sound effect offered on the Yamaha.

© 2007 Michael Lombardi