It's been a while since I did Soulo. The process of creating music is an elusive thing to me. At times the ideas flow so fast I can't write them down quick enough and then without warning they just disappear into thin air. Sometimes it's weeks or months before it comes back. During those "down" times I keep practicing but the idea that you can force yourself to create on demand is a myth! It's very frustrating. Why can't I write a song tonight at 7:15 pm? (just me bitchin'). Anyway, thus the name of the album, Creation & Myth.

When I did the Soulo CD my recording gear was pretty old stuff. I've since built an entire recording rack to suit my purposes. It was hard to spend the cash but the sound is well worth it. At least I'm working with a high quality audio card now instead standard computer audio card. Check out the photos in "My Studio" from the main menu.
Like on Soulo, I play all of the instruments. I use NTrack Studio software as my recorder and to do the mix. Only the drum parts are sequenced. I record linear - one track at a time beginning to end for each instrument.

Some of these cuts are unfinished and some are just waiting for lyrics and vocals like Out Stealing Souls and Jerry B. They will all require a little polish and some re-recording, remixing and normalizing for volume before they go to the final CD. The Lyrics? Feel free to send comments or contributions to my Email

ENJOY! Michael

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