I met Jimmy Ruzzo in Florida in 1972. His dad and my dad were great friends and Jimmy and I are still like family. Jimmy played horn. He had a Bach "C" trumpet and always practiced in the bathroom! As a second instrument he played harp. Boy could he play harp! We used to play all night long at the beach! One of our favorite places to jam was the tunnel at Haulover Beach. The acoustics were amazing (like Jimmy's bathroom!) and there was always a crowd at 4am. I found this old recording that he and I did in N. Miami Beach in 72 using a tape recorder and mic sitting in the living room of my parents apartment. The original recording was just his harp and my 12 string. Through the magic of multi-tracking, I added some beat, some bass, and a few sound effects. It's pretty short. I have it in my mind that I will write a whole piece around this, sounding like it was played live in a bar.