In Dark Shadows happened in about 4 hours beginning to end. I couldn't sleep, got up around 4 am, made my coffee and sat down in the studio. I started playing with the drum synth, added the bass and nagy little guitar. I was remembering winters in Detroit, walking outside at 4 in the morning and how quiet it was. You could hear the snow crunch under your feet, the yellow glow of a street light and how it cast shadows from the leafless trees on the snow banks.

The short "create and record" time is a record for me. It usually takes weeks to record a finished piece. I think I just woke up with it. I wish that would happen more often! I'm playing the Sanatoga JT guitar through a Marshall preamp. The sax, horn section, bells, and voices were done on the PSR8000. It doesn't matter how good your synth is, there is no substitute for the human voice as an instrument.