Florida Rose is a three piece tune Drums, Bass, and Guitar. It's pretty short, a little over 2 minutes but it took me a long time to get it laid down. I started working on this when I started playing without using a pick. I've never played without a pick. It took a long time to train my fingers. After getting the guitar part down I had to do something for the bass. I took over a month fooling around with various counterpoint and then learn to play the lines like a bass player. Switching from the guitar to the bass was driving me crazy because of the neck configuration (the standard bass neck is so much longer) so I picked up a Slammer 3/4 scale bass. The similar size neck made it a lot easier to switch back and forth. I am using the Les Paul without effects, the 3/4 electric bass, and the PX-7 for the brushes.

Slammer Bass Michael Lombardi Creation and Myth
LEs Paul Michael Lombardi Creation and Myth