In 1968 Johnny (my Father) came back from a business trip from Florida. He was hanging out down at the Celebrity Lounge at the Thunderbird Motel, probably with Manny Foxx and Big Jim Ruzzo. He was friends with Eve Lynn, Don Sebastian, Dick Conti, and a lot of musicians and agent types. He ran into an agent that passed him some available originals and some covers that never made it in the mainstream to see what our band (Solo Society) could do with them. One was just a tape recording of a piano playing and we had never heard it before. We thought it was an original but years later I found out it was one of the first Zombies records called "you make me feel good".

This is my only "cover" so far and it's not much like the Zombie version. It won't be on this CD. I plan to do a cover cd after Creation And Myths is finished.

Jerry Bradley, one of the original members of Solo Society worked on this tune back in 1968. He came down to Florida for a visit last year. We sat around in the studio and put it together. We both played rhythm guitar and Jerry sang the harmony parts. Jerry used the Rickenbacker and I used the Epiphone Riveria 12 String. I did the organ solo and the drums on the PSR8000.