In 1967 Robbie Nelson, lead guitar player for Nobody's Children bought this Gibson SG from Clarence at Wonderland Music in Dearborn. He was living at my house at the time and my father (Johnny) co-signed for the loan. About 2 months later Robbie had to leave the band for the service and could not take the guitar so I finished paying the loan and the guitar became mine. This was my first electric guitar and to this day it's the favorite of my collection. All of my guitars sound sweet, some are mellow and some are growley but plugging the SG into a Marshall is more like bringing out the artillery, it's just nasty! I've have always wanted to play something on the SG that was pure "LEAD" guitar from beginning to end and I didn't want it to be "The Blues".

This piece didn't start out as a vehicle for guitar. It started out as a learning session on how to use my new drum synth. I had planned to build a funk tune with more horns than guitar but as it progressed it seemed the perfect foundation to play with. It has evolved one instrument at a time. I am using the Pevey Foundation Bass, the rhythm guitar is the JT 133, crybaby wha, and the SG. The lead was the last track I added. The name, "Eyeslee" is what I started calling it when I laid down the rhythm guitar. It sounded like a groove that the Isley Brothers (one of my all time favorite bands) would have done.

Gibson SG Michael Lombardi Creation and Myth